Pageant of the Masters

Laguna Beach 2003 


Bob, Cathy, Carolyn, Chuck, Angela at the By The Sea Inn in Laguna Beach

We were also written up on Chez Paul! - he rocks!

You may know of the Pageant of the Masters. This lovely show takes place every year in Laguna Beach. We make the trek each year. We stay at the By The Sea Inn and get abused by the old woman who works the desk there. Paul and I meet each morning for coffee at Dieters. This year Kathy and Chuck joined us. There was also a power outage in the East while we sweltered in the Southern California sun.

Anyway. You may not know that there are mini pageants going on all over the place. Tourists everywhere seem to have a mindless need to mimic the oftentimes awkward poses of statues and mannequins. Here we have captured some of what we call, the Pageant of the Morons. Enjoy. 

Bob imitating a dog statue

Paul, Jim, Angela posing to copy a bronze work of art.

"Sitting Pretty"

"The Trifecta"


Jim imitating a yellow cross walk sign

A young girl inside the window of a snack service shack.

"Walk, Boy"

"Girl Inside"



Here is a rare glimpse into the setting up of a still life. This has never been seen before!

Getting ready to imitate the five dancers statue, Paul with his hands in the air.

The cast is learning their parts



canyon spirits by ralph tarzian


Five Dancers statue in Laguna Beach

The original 5 Dancers


The whole group poses to match a piece of art work in Laguna Beach

And at last, the final product. Magnificent!


A bird in a stop light, like the Woodstock festival poster An apartment building in Laguna Beach that looks like a shadow box of humanity.


Shadowbox: Humanity


Art work. Weathered wood, red top, green-blue bottom,  175 Brooks Street, Laguna Beach

Weathered 175