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Postby jschrempp » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:13 pm

I wanted to interact with my Spark Core through the Spark Cloud. I wanted to do it without having an active web server, so I wrote code to do it in Javascript (a nasty language to work with). The page I wrote will allow you to log on to your Spark account, get information from your core, and then send messages back and forth.

To use this you only need the Javascript code to run in your browser. The current version of my code will read the Spark Cloud to get a list of variables and methods that your core firmware exports. It also monitors your core for any Publish events it sends.

You can run this from my web site, or go there and download all the code so you can modify it and run it anywhere you want. The download includes a simple sample firmware app to run on your core. But the web site also works with the factory installed firmware.

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